Whether your budget is $60, $600 or $6000+, Running in the USA can help you promote your race, product or service.

Thousands of people visit our site everyday looking for running, walking and multi-sport information. Advertising at Running in the USA, you can get your race, product or service noticed by all of those individuals. Target visitors to our site by individual state or reach a wide audience by utilizing spaces on our Home and Menu pages.


  • Ad Packages for budgets from $60 to $6000+
  • Web Stats shows Ad Impressions and Ad Clicks for your ads
  • Flexible Time Frame: Start and end on any dates
  • Your Ad Persists During Paid Time Frame - not part of a rotation
  • Ad linked to your website: When someone clicks your ad, your website will open in a new window
  • Flexible Ad Package Options: Any combination of locations, sizes, start and end dates, can be combined into an ad package.
  • Supported Ad Formats: gif, animated gif, jpg, png
Ad Package Stats

Getting Started

  • Review Page Views and Ad Rates
  • Select your target audience: All visitors, selected states, or both
  • Select ad size(s): banner, block, wide skyscraper
  • Email Bill. The more info you provide the better. If you provide an approximate budget, Bill can propose a variety of ad packages to choose from. If you have decided on pages and sizes, Bill can let you know availability.
  • Once an ad package is selected, email your graphics to Bill. Ad packages are typically set up the same day.
  • We will provide you with a link to view web stats (number of clicks and impressions the ad package gets). Your web stats will be available starting at the end of the first day that your ad package is displayed.

Ads Managed and Served by media partners

The larger ad spaces on our site are sold, managed and served to us by our media partners. These larger ad spaces include: leader board (728x90), medium rectangle (300x250), wide skyscraper (160x600 - in places other than Menu pages, see above).

If you are interested in advertising in the spaces detailed below on Running in the USA, you would need to contact the media partner directly. You would be purchasing ad impressions, uploading the artwork/graphic/creative and making payment all through the media partner.

Here are the spaces:
  • Leader Board Ad
    Size: 728 x 90 pixels
    Location: top of all pages on the RUSA site
    Media Strike serves this space
    Contact: Chris Huse (
  • Medium Rectangle
    Size: 300 x 250 pixels
    Location: bottom, center on most pages on the RUSA site
    Media Strike serves the right rectangle
    Google serves the left rectangle
  • Wide Skyscraper
    Size: 160 x 600 pixels
    Location: right hand column on most pages on the RUSA site
    Media Strike serves the upper wide skyscraper
    Google serves the lower wide skyscraper