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Race Directory Submittal Process
The Basics - Our Policy Since the Very Beginning
  • ANYONE can submit ANY race or update.
  • We review EVERY submittal.
Effective May 20, 2014
  • We will no longer recheck submittals that we do not find current race information for.
  • If we cannot find the current race information at the URL provided in the submittal, we will reject the submittal.
  • Priority in our submittal queue will be given to people with more approved submittals and fewer rejected submittals.
  • We will process submittals based on the number of points earned. For submittals from people with the same number of points, we will process them in the order received.
  • View the current Submittal Queue here.
Points System
  • We will award a point for qualifying approved race submittals.
  • Points are awarded for submitting a new race, or submitting a new (future) race date for a past race.
  • Points will be docked for submittals that do not follow our Submittal Guidelines.
Earn More Points - Become a Site Contributor
  • A login is required.
  • Submit updates for past races in our directory.
  • Use our Submittal Feeder to browse past races in our directory, and submit a new date, and new URL if necessary.
Submitting Multiple Races - Race Series - Franchise Races
  • If you have a race series, and they can all be found in the same place, just submit the first one. We'll enter the rest.
  • If you have a large list of franchise races (color runs, foam runs, mud runs, glow runs, electric runs) all over the country, email Webmaster Mary and get special instructions for submitting these in a way that makes life easier for both of us