Run in to the New Year ~ West Allis, WI ~ Dec 31, 2010
Running in the USA Newsletter - Jan 10, 2011
Dear Runner,

This week's newsletter features Races This Week, New Year's Resolutions, 2010 Running in the USA statistics

Races This Weekend: Jan 15 / Jan 16, 2011

Running Related New Year's Resolutions
In the world according to Webmaster Mary, New Year's Resolutions should be about 3 things:
  1. Making modest changes to improve your life.
  2. Challenging yourself.
  3. Trying new things.
Here are some ideas for some running related new year's resolutions:
  1. Run a race in a new county in your state each year (county, no R, not countRy).
  2. Run a race in a new state each year.
  3. Try a new type of race... if you've never done a duathlon or triathlon - how about trying one this year? How about a fixed duration event?
  4. Try a new cross training actvity. How about yoga, spin, pilates, zumba, take swim lessons, tae kwon do?
  5. Try a new running workout. Intervals, hills, tempo, fartlek, repeats, two-a-days.
  6. Run in a new route. There's a route or path or trail that you have always wondered about - make this the year you try it.
Looking for other New Year's Resolution ideas? Check out Mary's recent blogs:
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2010 Statistics for Running in the USA
  1. Webmaster Bill took pictures at 60 events in 2010.
  2. Webmaster Mary ran 27 races, including 4 half marathons, 12 marathons, two 50ks, one 50M, one 100M
  3. Webmaster Mary ran marathons in 3 new states in 2010: Kentucky, Pennsylvania and New York. Total marathon states: 11
  4. Webmaster Mary ran races in 3 new Wisconsin counties in 2010: Green Lake, Fond du Lac, Florence. Total race counties: 21
  5. Average monthly page view in 2010 was 3.4 million. 90% increase over 2009.
  6. Average monthly unique visitors in 2010 was 164K. 45% increase over 2009.
  7. We added 8800 races to our race directory in 2010. Nearly 4 times as many as we added in 2009.
  8. We added 141 clubs to our club directory in 2009. Nearly the same as 2009.

Tips for Beginners
New to running? Need some help with cold weather running? Check out Webmaster Mary's recent blogs:
Keeping Warm
Icy Footing
Other Winter Issues

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