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Games for Long Runs
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Games for Long Runs (or Car Trips)
Running in a group? Need a distraction for your long run or long car trip?
Alphabet Game
Object: To think of an item in a category starting with each letter of the alphabet.

How To Play:
One Person selects a category. Examples:
  • Vacation places
  • Things in an office
  • Movies
  • Rock bands
Participants take turns in order naming an item in the specified category going through the alphabet. First person has to think of an item that starts with A, second person thinks of an item starting with B, continuing until Z.

If a person cannot think of an item on their turn, he/she must do plyometrics of their choice for 10 seconds, or some other sort of mild punishment.

When a person cannot think of an item, the next person in the rotation can either do the letter that stumped the previous person, or move to the next letter.

The person who picks the category can specify whether the letter X should be skipped, or not, or if the item can simply include the letter X.

When picking an item, a and the don't count. If naming a person, first or last name can start with the letter, but participant must say the last name or first name first, which ever starts with the letter in question.

Double points if the item has 2 consecutive words that start with the letter. Example - if the category is TV Shows, and the letter is M, and the person thinks of Modern Marvels, then they get to say 'Double Points'. (Since we have no way of keeping score while running, it really doesn't mean much.)

20 Questions
Object: To figure out the mystery item by asking Yes/No questions.

How to Play:
One person thinks of a 'mystery item', and gives the general category, such as:
  • Famous Person
  • Famous Place
  • Famous Thing
The rest of the group asks Yes/No questions until someone guesses the 'mystery item'. The person who guesses the item gets to think of the next item.

With List
Object: To be the last person to think of an item in the specified category

How to Play:
One person names a category that has the word 'with' or 'without' in it. Examples:
  • Movies with Steve Martin
  • Rock bands with a number in their name
  • Wisconsin (or whatever state you live in) cities with a color in the name
  • Politicians with acting experience
Everyone takes turns, not necessarily in order, passing a turn has no negative consequences. Each person names an item in the category until no one can think of any more items. (Yes, category needs to be pretty narrow - hence the 'with' or 'without'.) Whoever thought of the last item wins the 'point' and gets to pick the next category.

Object: To learn what your running partners like

How to Play:
One person names a specific category, and each person mentions their favorite thing in that category. Examples:
  • Favorite John Candy movie
  • Favorite breakfast cereal
  • Favorite store-bought cookie

If You Could...
Object: To learn more about your running partners

How To Play:
Each person takes turns with a sentence that starts with 'If You Could...' and then each person finishes the sentence. Examples:
  • If you could undo one celebrity death, who would you pick?
    Webmaster Mary's answer: Phil Hartman
  • If you could have any job in the world (an be qualified for it) for one day, what would it be?
    Webmaster Mary's answer: Killer whale trainer at Sea World
  • If you could be invisible for one day, where would you go?
    Webmaster Mary's answer: Area 51
  • If you could have one day where what ever you ate would not affect your health, what would you eat?
    Webmaster Mary's answer: As much bacon as I could possibly stuff into my face

I Hate...
Object: To learn quirky things about your running partners

How to Play:
Take turns stating something that you really really hate, but many people like, or don't mind. This is not meant to be mean. No gossiping or bad-mouthing allowed.

Webmaster Mary Hates:
  • Egg nog
  • Sneezing
  • Clowns
  • Going to the Mall between Thanksgiving and Christmas