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Topic: 2011 Recap - Running Steady
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Posted By: Webmaster Mary Posted: Nov 25, 2011 Reply
Nov 25, 2011
After finishing the White River Marathon for Kenya in Cotter, AR, we headed to Tulsa, OK for the Route 66 Marathon.  (White River Marathon Recap).

As we made the 4 hour drive to Tulsa, my legs got pretty stiff.  We arrived at packet pickup, and wandered around the expo a bit.  Though the walking loosened my legs a bit, I was REALLY looking forward to getting to our hotel and taking an ice bath. I absolutely swear by the ice bath.

The expo was nice. Race perks included a cotton short sleeved shirt that is too big.  Nice blue color, but it will only be used as jammies.

We decided to stay downtown at the Courtyard by Marriott, about 2 blocks from the start.  Fancier than what we normally do, but reasonably priced and very convenient.  And NO bathtub. Yikes.  No ice bath. Oh no! My legs need an ice bath. Hmmm.

We had scored a free parking spot right in front of the hotel, thanks to the Marriott staff who held it for us as we circled the block.  With such a prized spot, we decided we didn't want to give it up, and we'd walk any place we needed to go until it was time to leave.

We headed out to find some dinner.  Tulsa must be the world's quietest city on a Saturday night.  It was about 7pm, and most things were closed. As we walked, we felt like we had to whisper to each other, as not to disturb the silence.  We found a nice restaurant, about 2 blocks away, that was open.  It was attached to the Hyatt, which was one of the marathon's host hotels.

Dinner at the Daily Grille was pricier than what we normally do, but affordable, and very delicious.  I had the Tuscan brick chicken and Bill had chicken parmesan.

After dinner, with my legs begging for an ice bath, I attempted to do something that would pass for an ice bath.  I filled the laundry garment bag with ice, sat in the shower, placed the bag on my quads, and ran cold water on my calves.  Not quite as effective as my beloved ice bath, but this will have to do.

The race start was 8:00 am.  The start was about a 5 minute walk from our hotel.  The finish is about a mile away.  At 7am, we took some warm clothes to the gear drop truck, and came back to the hotel.  Though the forecast for this day called for 50 degrees at the start, and 52 for the finish, mother nature had her own ideas.  How about 36 degrees for the start instead? And some wind too.  Unfortunately, I had packed running clothes for 50 degrees.

The course winds through many areas of Tulsa.  Downtown, parks, residential, industrial, commercial, a bit of everything.  It was hillier than I expected.  From about mile 10 to 14, we run a flat section along the Arkansas River.  We were dead into a stiff headwind the whole time, which took a bit of a toll on me.  I was freezing, and the wind tired me out a bit.

My goal was again, to run steady, and slightly uncomfortably.  Like yesterday, I wanted a good workout.  But I also need to take into consideration that I just did one of these yesterday, and hoped that today's finish time would be a little slower, and within about 10 minutes of yesterday's.

The headwinds of miles 10 to 14 slowed me a bit, but I picked up the pace a bit after that.  I continued to run steady, and felt fairly good the whole time, except for being cold.  With a couple miles to go, I still felt like I had enough in the tank, and I sped up a bit. I finished in 3:31, which was second in my division out of 91.

The finish line perks were disappointing.  We got a short sleeve technical t-shirt, unisex, and the smallest size offered was WAY too big.  The post-race food was absolutely lame.  Oranges, bananas and bagels. That was it.  For the price we paid, I would have expected something a lot more substantial: subs or pizza at least, and more snacks like cookies and chips.  The finisher medal was pretty nice though.

We took the shuttle back to the start area.  Our hotel granted us a late checkout that allowed me to get a shower before heading out.  

We went to the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa.  This museum features art and artifacts of the American West.  It was a nice relaxing look at life in the American west in the 1800s. We opted for the guided tour which took about an hour.  Our guide told us about Thomas Gilcrease, and pointed out things in the artwork that I would not have noticed otherwise.  I am not an art buff by any means, but enjoyed this short visit.

By the time we got back to Kansas City, it was 8pm on Sunday night.  We found a hotel near the airport, and had very limited choices for dinner.  We ended up at Cracker Barrel.  We had skipped lunch, and with such weak offerings at the finish line, I was STARVING.  I opted for the pecan pancakes, and bacon... and eggs.  Wow, that REALLY hit the spot.

Once again, our hotel did not have a bathtub, and I had to skip my much needed ice batch, again.  Exhausted, I went right to bed as soon as we got back from our breakfast-dinner.

Route 66 was a nice marathon.  I was very happy with how I ran this marathon.  I enjoyed the expo and the course.  It was well organized.  Though the finish line food left a lot to be desired, I would still recommend this marathon.

For those keeping score: marathon #42, and state #19.