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Forum: North Face Race to the Summit
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Topic: great race ......errr climb
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Posted By: rich - 6457 Posted: Nov 2, 2011 Reply
This race begins at the base of stratton mountain. You must start at a slow pace to not burn out. It is a long slow race up the access road. There are markers every half mile going up.
Just when you think you've been running/walking for an hour, you see the first 1/2 mile sign and realize you have 1.5 miles more to go.
The only level part is the last 30-40 yards at the top, and at that point you are exhausted but happy to stop climbing.
There was a nice buffet of fruits, bagels, cookies and drinks there for the participants.
The medals are really cool looking too.
This year the temp was around 65 degrees at the start so you didn't have to wear any warm gear. But, at no point are you really sweating going up.
This is a really unique event and i recommend the challenge. This years winner ran it in under 22 minutes. Last year it was won in 25 minutes.
I finished under 30 minutes and finished 4th or 5th so that tells you how big of a spread there is with the first few runners/walkers.
I ran about 1/4-1/2 mile of the hill and walked the rest except for the very top where you could run.