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Forum: Boston Marathon
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Topic: 2010 Recap - Very nice trip - mostly.
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Posted By: Webmaster Mary Posted: Apr 25, 2010 Reply
Apr 25, 2010
Third Boston Marathon for us.
We flew out Saturday night.  Met Armelian friends Bob, Jim S, Greg, and their spouses for dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant that Bob had picked.
We stayed at the Omni Parker House hotel, which is very near Boston Commons.  Great location - only a couple blocks from the pasta feed, and the busses to the start.  Absolutely loved this hotel.  I am not a good sleeper, and I rarely sleep well on vacation - but I slept an unprecidented 10 hours that night.  Might have something to do with the fact that in the previous 2 nights, I had only slept a total of 7 hours.  But I will give plenty of credit to the super comfy bed and lovely room we had.
Went to packet pickup and expo on Sunday.  Bought some 3/4 tights with the Boston Marathon logo.  Also sampled several running treats - stuff for eating during or after a run.  Most very yummy - some yummy enough to eat for snacks.
Sunday afternoon we rode the subway out to mile 16.8 of the course.  Bill scouted out a good location for taking pictures.  Returned to the hotel and relaxed.
Went to the pasta feed.  I really like the relaxed atmosphere of the pasta feed.  I do not have a sophisticated pallate, so my taste buds are easily pleased.  I like to meet other runners and their families.  We sat with a family from Chicago, and a woman from Connecticut who had recently done a 200 mile relay in New Hampshire.
Back to hotel.  I set the hotel alarm clock (made sure it was AM), my phone AND my runnning watch for 5am.  Went to sleep at a reasonable time.  At 12:30 am my phone rings.  It was our son, who is at home with grandma.  'Uh, mom.  I need to print something for school.'  OK - we have a computer network at home, and the printer is connected to my laptop.  My laptop is here in Boston.  So, printing from his computer is going to be problematic.  So, we figure out a way for him to print his homework.  Yeah, on a Sunday night at 11:30 pm his time.  No idea where he would get his procrastinating tendencies.  (as I write this recap 6 days after running).
Morning arrives.  My phone alarm went off.  My watch alarm went off.  No sound from the hotel's clock radio... yes, going off, but with the volume all the way down.  One of these days, I will master the technique of properly setting a hotel clock radio.  You'd think I'd have to, as I am running out of ways to screw it up.
Got up, ate a bagel, drank a Diet Coke, and off to Boston Common to meet up with Armelian Bob, and take the bus to the start.  It was so nice to have a friend along for the bus ride.  We talked about all of our Armelians friends.  All good things.
We arrived in Atheletes Village and met up with our other Armelian friends: Jim S, and Greg.  A bit chilly and windy, but decent weather.  After a bit, it was time for me to head to the start.  I dropped off my stuff, and headed to my corral.
Woo Hoo!  Here we go.  Boston Marathon.  I felt really good for the first 17 miles.  I was on pace for about a 3:23 and was feeling pretty strong.  Then all of a sudden, no warning, no explanation, my tummy decided it had other plans.  My GI track held me hostage in the bathroom for 5 minutes.  All I could do was watch the minutes tick away and wait for my tummy to behave.  My legs stiffened up after that, and I never really recovered.  My pace slowed by about a minute per mile after that, and I felt really crappy.  For the final few miles, I felt a bit like road kill.
Once I finished, I felt better.  Got my medal, treat bag, bag drop, changed clothes.  I headed to our meeting spot of Arlington and Boylston to wait for Bill to return from mile 16.8.  Sat on the curb and soaked in some sun, and did some people watching.
Bill and I headed back to the hotel.  The hotel provided a shower room for marathoners even after check-out.  I had a quick shower, we hung out in the lobby a bit making phone calls to back home, and tried to meet up with the other Armelians.  Unfortunately, the logistics of meeting up with them were too challenging.  We decided to go to Quincy Market for a super yummy burger.  We headed to the airport, and had a pleasant flight back to Milwaukee.
All in all, except for 9 little miles, it was a very nice trip.