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Forum: Myrtle Beach Marathon
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Topic: 2010 Recap - By Don Scott
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Posted By: Webmaster Mary Posted: Feb 14, 2010 Reply
Several of my Armelian friends traveled from Wisconsin to South Carolina for the Myrtle Beach Marathon, which was canceled just hours before the start.
Here is the recap, written by Don Scott:

The South really blows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we arrived at the expo Friday afternoon we were told that as the result of us being on the verge of THE STORM OF THE CENTURY (2-3 inches), the start time would be 7am instead of 6:30.  No big deal since it was going to be windy and 32 deg.  Well, we went to the pasta fest (not too bad), watched the Olympics until 9:30 and turned out the lights to dream of marathon success.  Boota and Chuck both woke up at midnight and noticed the snow had stopped (it had started about 6:30).  We woke up at 5am, opened the drapes and looked outside.  Yeah!!!  There was an inch or two of snow on the grass and trees but the streets were just wet (a little slush on the sidewalks.  We starting wolfing down our bananas, bagels and coffee as we got ready to run.  I turned on the news and noticed in disbelief that the news people were talking about the marathon having been canceled at 11:30pm!!   We couldn't believe it.  We had never heard of a marathon being canceled 8 hours before it was to start.  Not even Kevin has that kind of luck . . . .  We were really devastated.  We were in denial. What to do?  We noticed a lot of guys outside running anyways.  Actually, the news reporter was talking to several people who had come to the start not knowing the race was canceled.   Obviously, they were very pissed.  To those of you who think we went outside and ran the marathon anyways, hold that thought.  It is a great story.  Keep believing it.  Everyone else, please read on.


We took showers. got dressed and went to the all you can breakfast pig out where we met many other disgruntled marathoners from around the country.  No one could believe this crap.  We thought of going downtown to smash windows, set fires and turn over police cars. We all thought we'd skip the turning over cars bit as marathoners have the upper body strength of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Afterward we walked up to the starting line in a tourist trap area called Broadway at the Beach.  It was about a half mile from our hotel.  As we walked we just got more pissed as the running conditions were fine, the snow melting and the sun peaking out.  Several groups of people passed us as we walked.  We cheered them on, clapping and yelling "looking good" or "you can do it"  We could have used Karen's cow bells.   They all waved back and smiled.


At Broadway at the Beach we stopped and watched the workers clearing snow with coal shovels and pressure washers.  How sad!  We also got yelled at for walking in the dangerous slush.  We could fall and get injured!  As it was only about 10:30 at this point, and the bars didn't open until 11, we decided to visit the cigar store.  The clerk told us the mayor was an idiot and the citizens were trying to recall him.  I guess canceling the marathon wasn't his only bonehead idea. 


At 11am sharp we ran over to the Liberty Bar.  They had ten different micro brews.  We decided to go through the list twice and throw in a few bloody Marys, too.  We met a lot of interesting people including a nice late 30's couple (Chuck and Karen) from Georgia and two brothers that were rabid Yankee fans, and our wonderful barmaid, Nicole.  Around 4 we went to Victoria's Secret to do some serious shopping.  It's all kind of a fog but I don't think we embarrassed ourselves too much.  We got back to the hotel around 5 and decided to go to the post marathon party at the House of Blues.  Free food, music and beer. What more could you want?  Oh, forgot to tell you . . .  . the taxi ride was $35 each way.  I guess it REALLY wasn't free.  Plus a guy next to us decided to jet puke all over the floor, hitting two people in their backs.  Boota helped him to the mens room (he can tell that story).  We got back to the room around 9 and some of us drank more beer and consumed mass quantities of cashews.  We watched the Olympics and at some point passed out . . . .