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Topic: XOOD - Natural Healthy Endurance Drink
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Posted By: Webmaster Mary Posted: Jul 5, 2009 Reply
Jul 5, 2009
We were given a box of free samples of XOOD, and asked to try it, and write about XOOD on our blog.
I have used it just once, and here are my initial thoughts.  I will do a follow up after I have a chance to try a few more.
XOOD seems to be competing with HEED, which is what I have been using on long runs for a couple years now.  I like the convenience, taste, and price of HEED.  I buy the 32 serving bucket of powder.  I like to mix my endurance drinks because I like them on the watery side.  The flavors are very mild, unlike more popular brands that tend to taste like kids drinks.
Along comes XOOD.  It comes in the same form as HEED - a powder that you mix yourself.  Single serving packets, or 30 serving bucket.  XOOD comes in 3 flavors: Green Tea Lemon, Mangosteen, and Pomegranate.  By the way, Mangosteen is a tropical fruit, not a funny way of saying mango like I originally thought.
I read labels a little.  The fact that XOOD and HEED are termed "all natural" and no artificial junk impresses me mildly.  I am not an "all natural" fanatic, and all things being equal, I guess I would pick all natural over partially fake, but cost, convenience and taste will carry more weight in my decision process.
I notice that XOOD has 2.5 grams of protien per serving, while HEED has zero.  This interests me.  Its whey protien, which a friend of mine who studies nutrition stuff a lot tells me is a good type of protien.
I tried the Green Tea Lemon flavor this morning, and I really liked it.  My friend Dennis tried all three flavors today, and liked the Mangosteen and Pomegranate, but was not crazy about the Green Tea Lemon.
Too early to tell if there is any difference in performance using HEED vs XOOD, and doubt I will notice a difference.  But I definitely like the notion of having a little protien in my endurance drink.
As of today my thoughts are this: If I can find XOOD at a comparable cost to HEED, or maybe even a little more, I would likely choose XOOD over HEED.  However, if XOOD is significantly more expensive than HEED, I will likely stick with HEED.  I am definitely going to enjoy using the rest of my free samples.