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Topic: The 2009 Gorski-less John Dick Report
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Posted By: bfagan Posted: Feb 8, 2009 Reply
The Gorski-less John Dick ~ Teri Lux, “trail newbie”

It’s all Mary Gorki’s fault. It seemed so innocent a request from this trail running diva; sign up for the Crusty, you’ll have a great time, it will be an excellent training run.  Okay Ms. Mary, my friend Barb and I signed up and what happens to Mary?  She takes off for Canada, “for work”, yeah, a likely story.  Not only does she leave us hanging, she places the annual John Dick 50K Crusty update in my hands; a newbie trail runner who has yet to experience the drama and intrigue of the John Dick; not to mention why Crusty is thrown into the mix.

It’s all Mary Gorski’s fault. 

Like moth’s to a flame, the 2009 participants drew to the warming house.  In shorts, and tights, jackets and sweaters, hats and headbands, the runners arrived, ready to greet the Crusty.  It was a balmy 44-ish degrees and the trails were ready to rumble, or maybe that was my stomach; I had been up since zero-dark-thirty, and it is Saturday, and most civilized people are asleep in their comfy beds with sleep-o-matic mattresses and cover- me-in luxury sheets. Wow, maybe I need to reexamine my priorities, my sanity, or at least the thread count of my sheets.

It’s all Mary Gorski’s fault.

My friend Barb and I entered the warming house, ready to meet our second-ever trail running bonanza.  We were greeted by a host of lovely volunteers and runners.  It was in this moment that Barb and I knew we were newbies.  For example, what were we supposed to do with the toe tags that contained our names and numbers?  To be frank, I know I’m slow but, toe tags???  Are these toe tags a sign of things to come?  Ok, deep breaths, in and out, everything will be okay, these trail people seem nice enough.  Uh-oh, why is that man holding a drill and what in the wide wide world of sports is he doing with those screws ???  Did we stumble into the wrong warming house?  I completely understand the hard core nature of trail people, but have I crossed over to the dark side?

This is all Mary Gorski’s fault.

Then we met Robert Wehner, the RD and an all around nice guy.  He began the day with a brief rundown of the course and conditions of the trails ….. take a right here, there is a little ice there, take a left at the arrow, pat your head while standing on one leg and then cross the street carefully and don’t forget the buddy system,  Kleenex is on sale at Target, fa la la la …. Wait, snap out of it newbie, get it together, to much caffeine, another rookie mistake, back to reality ….. great I completely took a brain hiatus during the instructions, perfection.  Not only will I be lost, I will be lost in the woods with the man who has a drill and isn’t afraid to use it and I will be wearing a toe tag.

It’s all Mary Gorski’s fault.

Holy madness, what is everyone wearing on their feet.  Well almost everyone.  Actually, a few people, well the lady in the black and green was wearing them.  Hey, I have a pair of those, I bought them last week (because Mary Gorki told me to).  Yes, I actually own a pair of these technical beauties, black Yak trak pro’s with the Velcro on the toe; they are magnificent.  Should I wear them? I don’t know, I just bought them and they might get dirty and lose their just-new luster. Will they fit my shoes, can they be worn more than once, do they match my outfit?  So many questions, so little time. On they go and I hurt my finger in the process.

It’s all Mary Gorski’s fault.

The race began and the participants of the 2009 Crusty began their trek through the trails of the Southern Kettles. The sun was rising, the temperature was balmy and all was right in the Kettles.

Across the street and to the trails we ran.  It was amazing, sloshing and swooshing, slapping and slogging.  Up and down and then up and up and then down and then straight, and then left, then a right, a quick zig zag, and then up and down and around. 

Everyone looked fabulous.  Smiles were everywhere.  I don’t know the names of most folks (Mary Gorski’s fault), but everyone was in good spirits and contributed to a lovely day.  Up and down, out and back, around and around, and look there’s Chaz , and Cindy Crawford, whose name I finally learned was actually Christine Crawford (Cathy Diamond and I did the wave for her when she looped us for the hundreth time, it was great) and hello to Anne Heaslet and Tom and Julie, and hello to everyone else whose names I don’t know or have forgotten, even the two cool guys who flashed us some groovy hand sign - his side burns, it was awesome.   I greatly enjoyed the company of my dear friends and soul sisters Eilleen and Cathy … the miles were great and Benny and Jets never sounded so in-tune.  Hello to Barb who is a total badass.  Hello to the man wearing black and the one in blue, and the cutie in shorts and the other cutie in tights and the nice lady in pink and the other in sky blue. Hello to all and to all a good day. 

This is not Mary Gorski’s fault.

Ahhhh, an aid stop.  A buffet of beautiful treats and tasty edibles, an extravagant display of  perfection … Martha Stewert would be envious.  Loved the treats, loved the drinks, loved the volunteers, loved the hand sanitizer, loved it loved it loved it !!!!

Over the river and through the woods to the warming house we go.  The 2009  Crusty was a success.  I must say that these trail folks know how to run and know how to eat, they’re always smiling, they have no body fat, they have tan faces, bright white shining teeth, calves of steel and they just keep going and going and going and going …Whoa !!

Now, back to the wrap-up.  I don’t know the names of everyone, have no idea who came in first place, got my yak traks dirty, moved through the snow like a turtle and had a super great first Crusty run thanks to the great group of trail runners and volunteers who made this a wonderful day.

Thanks Mary Gorski,  you were right, this was a great adventure !!  You are a trail diva !