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Topic: 2013 Recap - Incidental Affects from Boston
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Posted By: Webmaster Mary Posted: Dec 9, 2013 Reply
Dec 9, 2013
Our trip to DC for the Marine Corp Marathon included Webmaster Bill, our son Danny, and friends Abby and JoeWee Heinrichs.
We met Abby and Joey's friends Jeff and Emily for a very nice dinner at Ristorante Piccolo. We spent the whole day after the marathon visiting the memorials and museums.
Marathon day was very nice. JoeWee and I ran together. Abby also ran the full marathon. We saw fellow 50 Sub 4 Member Cade Remsburg around mile 4. We stumble upon Cade often. We saw Bob Schluben after we finished. Bob is running 52 marathons in 2013 to raise money for 2 charities. We met Bob in Brookings, South Dakota, and we stumble upon him rather often too.
Bill and Danny watched from a few places on the course. We all had a nice lunch at J. Paul's in Georgetown afterwards.
As I write this more than a month after the fact, the most memorial part of the marathon was the ridiculously long line for packet pick up. When we got to the general area, we could not even tell where the end of the line was. We walked and walked and walked, and finally found the end of the line. JoeWee started his Garmin, because it was so long. We were in line for about 55 minutes, and literally... 1 whole mile. Not kidding. Not exaggerating. When we finally arrived in the tent, it was basically empty. There were several booths arranged by number blocks, to retrieve your race bib. There was NO WAITING of any kind inside the tent. The entire bottleneck was caused by simply not allowing people to get into the tent fast enough. It was extremely frustrating.
After getting our race bibs, we proceeded to the expo, which was across the street, and involved another very very very long line. So, greater portion of our day before the marathon simply involved waiting. Bummer, since DC has just a few other things we would have like to spend some time at.
I realize that the additional security measures were added because of the incident in Boston. The searches we had to go through took extra time, which caused the long lines. If time consuming searches need to be done, then there needs to be enough staff searching simultaneous lines of people, to be able to handle the volume of people that can be processed once inside the event. An empty tent for getting our bibs tells me that they should have had about 5 to 10 times the number of people checking us on the way in.
Terrorists win when they hurt people. However, they also win when additional security hinders our enjoyment of life. We need to continue enjoying our lives. We need to balance safety and yet also accept that daily life involves some amount of risk. We can only reduce the risk, it cannot be eliminated. That is life. Let's go enjoy it.
Marathon sub 4 state number 37.
Lifetime marathon number 74.
17th marathon in 2013.